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My Pocket Psych: The Psychology of the Workplace

Dec 8, 2020

Welcome to the second episode in our series on effective working from home.

This time, we turn our attention to the importance of maintaining a focus on our physical wellbeing - something that can sometimes get lost in the focus on other aspects of this working from home experience. 

We look at the role of safe and...

Nov 26, 2020

Welcome to episode 76 and the start of our new series focusing on working from home. Each episode will look at the experience from a different perspective, offering insight to individuals, managers and organisational leaders. 

Do get in touch with your working from home questions, either on Twitter (@MyPocketPsych) or...

Nov 11, 2020

In this episode, Richard is once again joined by Dr. Antonia Dietman, who this time outlines research she has carried out into the benefits of mindfulness practice.

We know that mindfulness as a concept is sometimes presented as a panacea, but this isn't the case in Antonia's research, which used a rigorous methodology...

Oct 28, 2020

In this episode, Richard and Pilar complete our discussion about impostor syndrome and its impacts, as well as looking at the importance of online collaboration.

We look back at Richard's discussion with Dr. Rachael Skews and discuss what we took away from our recent webinar on effective online collaboration and...

Oct 15, 2020

Welcome to episode 73, where Richard is joined by Dr. Rachael Skews to discuss the impact of Impostor Syndrome and how it can be addressed in the coaching context.

Specifically, they look at Impostor Syndrome through the lens of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Theory) sharing their own experiences and reflections on what...