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My Pocket Psych: The Psychology of the Workplace

Jul 3, 2019

Welcome to episode 43, where Richard and Pilar discuss the potential downsides of over-emphasising the need to be resilient at work: for organisations and employees. As usual, we have a lot of news and updates, including Richard's recent presentation at the ACBS World Conference in Dublin, updates to iOS to make your iPad (potentially) more useful and Richard's interview on the 'Stories of Success' podcast.

Finally, we're not far off recording episode number 50 and we want to mark the occasion by gathering feedback and input from you, the listeners. So tweet us @MyPocketPsych with what you've loved about the episodes you've listened to, what you want to hear more of and how you've put what you've heard into practice. Use the hashtag #MPP50 so we can spot your messages. 

As ever, thanks for listening!

Resources mentioned in this episode

1. Wellbeing news

2. Productivity news

3. Effectiveness news