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My Pocket Psych: The Psychology of the Workplace

Sep 24, 2019

Welcome to episode 47 of My Pocket Psych, where we explore the impact of using analogue tools in a digital work.

Why Do some people prefer to use pen and paper when there are a range of digital alternatives? Which works best? In which contexts? Also, Richard reviews 'The Bullet Journal' - an approach to using notebooks to manage focus, productivity and wellbeing.


Resources mentioned in this episode:

WorkLifePsych’s 5th Birthday:

Wellbeing news

  • Stop keeping your phone by your bed:
  • The efficacy of smartphone based therapy interventions:

Effectiveness news

  • DropboxConnect:
  • TUC research into the availability of flexible working arrangements:
  • Shake Shack in Las Vegas trialing 4-day weeks for managers:

Productivity news

Apple's new Reminders App coming on Sept 19th:

Analogue in a digital world

  • Students seem to prefer pen and paper:
  • Are we more likely to lie in email than in a handwritten note?
  • Writing vs laptops in academic settings:
  • A replication study that contradicts the 2014 study:
  • Benefits of the approach - writing vs keyboard:
  • The Bullet Journal Method: