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My Pocket Psych: The Psychology of the Workplace

Nov 2, 2019

Welcome to our fiftieth episode! A major milestone for us and a result of all the fantastic support we’ve had from our listeners.
Richard and Pilar take a look back at our favourite episodes, the episodes our listeners have downloaded the most and discuss listener feedback. We also hear about some listeners’ favourite work-related books.
As this is our fiftieth episode, a special thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the podcast, those who provide us with input and feedback and everyone who has contributed as a guest along the way. Thanks to Pilar Orti for her patience, support and guidance and to Ross Winter for his exemplary editing skills. 
If you’ve enjoyed any or all the episodes, we’d love to get your feedback. What can we do more of during the next fifty episodes? 
Get in touch via Twitter or our feedback form.
Thanks for listening!
News and resources mentioned in this episode
- It's Time to Put Down Your Phone, Gadget Lab Podcast  -
- BPS work-life balance working group (Link)
Book recommendations
Pilar asked our listeners for their book recommendations when it comes to the psychology of the workplace and they shared some great suggestions. The titles and links are listed below: