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My Pocket Psych: The Psychology of the Workplace

Apr 29, 2021

Welcome to episode 86, which sees the long-awaited return of Pilar and a focus on habits. They represent a snapshot of our values in action and can be used to help us make valued changes in our behaviour.

We discuss some of the pitfalls to avoid and some of the ways we can cultivate helpful habits.

We can derail our...

Apr 15, 2021

Welcome to episode 85, which is all about mindfulness. Richard is joined by Sarah Strohmaier, a mindfulness researcher, who helps us bust a few myths and misunderstandings about the topic. Sarah’s research has looked at the impact of mindfulness in the workplace and she makes a very clear case for the ‘little and...

Apr 1, 2021

Welcome to Episode 84, where Richard is once again joined by fellow psychologist Dr. Antonia Dietmann, this time looking at the difficult topic of loneliness.

It's something that Antonia looked at as part of her doctoral research and is very relevant to the experience of many employees working from home right now. We...