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My Pocket Psych: The Psychology of the Workplace

Jan 9, 2019

Welcome to another episode of ‘My Pocket Psych’. This time, we look at the challenges with making new year’s resolutions given our innate preference for comfort and stability. We discuss what productivity could look like in a variety of roles and look ahead to workplace psychology themes for 2019, in the second part of our interview with Nicky Hemmings.  
Resources mentioned
1. Productivity and behaviour change
Is HR neglecting its own mental health?
Perpetual Guardian in NZ has permanently adopted its four-day week:
Richard’s blog post on making New Year’s changes: 
2. Interview with Nicky Hemmings, Part 2
Evidence-Based HR Forum on LinkedIn: 
Centre for Evidence-based Management: 
Psychological Flexibility: 
Nicky Hemmings on Twitter: