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My Pocket Psych: The Psychology of the Workplace

Sep 23, 2021

Welcome to episode 096, where our focus is on fresh starts. Humans are attracted to what we call 'temporal landmarks’, which are date-based lines in the sand that allow us to make sense of our past and establish new chapters in our lives. These new chapters give us the opportunity to have a fresh start. 

Richard and Pilar discuss how to make best use of this mechanism, along with the risks of over-use or conflating it with procrastination. We can use a fresh start to commit to a new habit, to commence a new educational or employment focus or simply to put some challenges and setbacks behind us.

As we hurtle towards our 100th episode, we’d love to here from you. Get in touch with your questions about topics we’ve covered, with your comments and your feedback. If you’ve taken any of the concepts we’ve discussed and put them into practice, we’d love to hear how it’s worked out for you. You can tweet us, write something longer on our contact form, or even leave us a brief voicemail. Really, you have no excuse!

Thanks for listening!

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